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From project inception to facilities management and lifecycle services, success is built in partnerships. The right way forward is the one that brings maximum benefits for everyone involved, from clients and investors, through to those who use and maintain the asset throughout its whole life. Every project should combine the smallest environmental impact with the lowest risk.


Funding is always part of a bigger picture. We can best serve our clients and our partners by focusing on our strengths, such as our unique experience of PPP working, and selecting projects where our expertise can make the greatest contribution. We create innovative funding packages and build partnerships committed to lasting benefits and whole-life value.


Good building practice is more than just driving costs down. It’s recognising that value comes from optimising quality, eliminating waste, working safely with the best people and incorporating energy efficiency in from the start. Trust, reliability and care are important to us, as these factors remain after our team has moved off-site and onto new projects.


A building at work is organic, filled with people and activity. To keep it operating at its best with the greatest energy efficiency and maximum user satisfaction, we work to understand its function as well as its structure. Our facilities management and aftercare capabilities are meticulous, proactive and responsive, constantly flexing to your needs and working behind the scenes ensuring your facilities remain problem-free.

Project profile: Aberdeen Community Health & Care Village

Delivery of a state-of-the-art urban community hospital without beds. The first design, build, finance and maintain [DBFM] contract let in Scotland through the hub initiative.